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  • commented on issue cfpb/design-manual#381

    about 1 day ago

    @cfarm @KimberlyMunoz @ascott1 anyone else want to sign off on this?

  • commented on pull request cfpb/cfgov-refresh#1144

    about 1 day ago

    Good call, I'll submit a fix for this tomorrow.

  • commented on issue cfpb/cfgov-refresh#1171

    about 1 day ago

    @KimberlyMunoz @sebworks I just merged and released the related changes in CF components. Run `bower update && gulp build` if you'd like to…

  • pushed to multi-select at cfpb/cfgov-refresh

    about 1 day ago
    • 227d389
      Converted add/remove class functions to native classList add/remove methods