You were expecting some boring old about page right? I’d say something like my name is Jimmy and how nice it is to meet you. Except we’re not meeting, this is a one way conversation. Here I am setting type to a screen and there you are reading it. How ‘bout I forget that picky detail and just say “Welcome!”

Anyway, about me…I’m just your every day carpenter, turned designer, turned developer, turned photographer. Not very exciting, oh, except maybe those years as a firefighter and EMT, those were a bit of a rush. What I’m trying to say is I’ve had a lot of experience in many fields, and I tend to bring those different perspectives to the table.

Now for the boring stuff, you knew it had to come. I’m currently a Technology and Information Fellow with the CFPB (it’s that new US Federal Agency looking out for American consumers). My day to day is spent building our consumer facing website and the internal tools that drive it, while also serving as a photographer and production assistant on our media team.

Oh, and I would love to meet you for real. If you agree, you can reach me through the contact form below, or if you prefer email me at

If you read this far, congrats! I can’t believe you got through the bit about the dinosaur.