Flying Straight into the Storm

Some times, you just have to ride it out and see where the currents take you

The last year has been a whirlwind of change. I’ve already covered it all, but I can’t help wondering how the hell I got here, and more so, how I’ve survived. I’m really starting to wonder if it’s all just dumb luck and I’m eventually going to fall, or if it’s the result of wisdom gained only after making so many poor choices in the past.

If you had told me a year ago, never mind five or ten years ago, that I’d end up working in DC as a government employee, I’d have thought you had lost your damn mind. I’m the last person to be involved in politics and I’ll admit, I rarely vote.

Living in Massachusetts, where you can predict the outcome of almost any election, I didn’t see much point. Every once and a while I’d find a local issue that I was burning to be heard on, but for the most part I was a bit apathetic. Yet, here I am cruising at 37k feet about to take an oath of office to work for the people. It’s entirely crazy.

If anything, this last year has taught me that despite what your plans might be, the world can lead you on an entirely different path. Sometimes you just have to let yourself go and hope for the best. For now, I’m hopefully I can keep chasing this storm without being pulled too far into it. I’m keeping faith that when I make it to the other side I’ll land wheels down.