The Changing Snows

Our marks are only temporary, our differences insignificant

Ever watched snow drift as the wind howls across the vast plains? Giant hills of crystalized water can be cut down, only to be built back up again somewhere new. Footpaths carved into seas of white are often covered up within hours, sometimes minutes, removing any trace of the creatures that made them. It’s absolutely stunning, and yet, frightening at the same time.

We leave our own marks on the earth, no matter how minuscule they may seem. Sure, we won’t all be memorialized in print or stone 100 years from now, but we will still be remembered by those we leave behind. And yet, in the lifespan of the earth, the sun and the universe, we mean very little.

No matter how deep we carve our footpaths, they’ll all be erased. No matter how tall we build our mountains, time will cut them down and move them some place new. Sitting in my new home, watching the white landscape change around me, it’s a daily reminder of how insignificant our differences are, and how we should all enjoy this ride while it lasts, because it won’t last forever.

This post was inspired by the news from Paris today over the attack on Charlie Hebdo

Je Suis Charlie