We’re Back in Action

After a lot of false starts, things are finally looking half decent

It’s been over two years since I introduced a redesign of this site and made some bold claims about about what I’d be doing in 2015. Sadly, the site–and the writing that came with it–did not end up being on that list. I continued to write here and there, but never got around to really polishing any of those thoughts, never mind publishing them. There are a lot of reasons, or rather, excuses.

A large part of it was attention. I took on a lot in a short amount of time, and you might argue too much. Between moving far away from everything I knew, buying an old home in need of lots of work and maintenance, and starting a new job that right out the gate required I be away for four weeks, there wasn’t a lot of attention to go around. Mix in my goals to improve my photography, and I was down right stuffed with responsibilities. Writing simply got pushed to the far outer edge, but of course the guilt associated with that was front and center.

I did say I only succeed at 40% of my goals, and publically discussing them often lead to failure. It seems I was right. As soon as I even discussed writing consistently, I shot myself in the foot by satisfying my self-identity. Further proof that I should just shut up and do the things, rather than talking about doing the things.

I’ve learned my lesson and I’m not making any claims this time around. I did start writing again, and I have been enjoying it, but in no way will I be discussing or even thinking about how often I write or publish. I will say that my intention with writing has changed a bit. I’ve typically written for myself, just to get thoughts out of my head, but I’m hoping to write more for others. I’ve received so much from all the communities I’ve been a part of online, far more than I can ever give back, but it’s still worth a try.

So, welcome to the newest iteration of this site. It’s far cleaner, with improved readability, and a simplier depolyment, having been rebuilt on Jekyll and deployed through GitHub pages (I’ll be posting details about how and why soon). It’s certainly nowhere near complete, and isn’t all that much different from the previous version, but that’s intentional. My goal was to get the site moved and deployed within two weeks. I still have a few days before I reach that time limit, but I’ve always been a proponent of iteration rather than perfection and so I’m publishing it with that in mind. Welcome.